47th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2018

1st Prize Winner (Gold Medal)
Chara Phoka (age-13, Country – Cyprus)

Her winning letter boldly confronted issues such as conflict and migrant smuggling by telling the harrowing story of a letter’s journey from South Asia to Europe.
A select group of international judges chose Chara’s letter after a global competition involving around 60 countries and more than 1.2 million children.
Speaking about the letter, the Deputy Director General of the UPU Pascal Clivaz said, “Chara’s letter is a mirror reflecting the fears and concerns of young people everywhere. Those worries today are overwhelmingly about conflict and its terrible impact on countries and communities. It is something that we, as the international community, must help change.”

2nd Prize Winner (Silver Medal)
José Duarte (age-10, Country – Portugal)

3rd Prize Winner (Bronze Medal)
Nguyen Thi Bach Duong (age-14, Country – Viet Nam)