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We are world’s only web-based purely dedicated to major accolades and achievements across all walks of life. An award is an acknowledgement given to a person, a group of people, or an organisation to recognise their excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. Awards & Achievements are often signified by trophies, titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges, pins, or ribbons.

a&a organises all past and present achievements in a way that allows a reader to recognise all awardees and, not just for its own sake but for its value share their information to the world as a whole. The underlying goal of a&a is to promote knowledge of all previous achievements that leads to aspiration, well-being, and satisfaction for the inquisitive mind. a&a is an ever-expanding body of knowledge that currently contains thousands of carefully selected categories, carefully curated to pass on as the most reliable data source for any researcher, organisation or governing bodies that may want to comprehend and establish oneself as a worthy body for any relevant award-categories.

Quality and simplicity is what we believe in describing about our hero’s.

A&A is intended for use by award/recognition governing bodies for promoting all their upcoming events and get voted by the people who care to see the value of the winner, are concerned about quality, consistency, and core values, as it’s a one stop destination purely dedicated to awards and achievements. Achievements in every aspect of life despite being a winner or loser, makes us really proud of what we are doing.

This encyclopaedia transcends the metaphysical assumptions of both the Enlightenment and Modern Encyclopaedias. Scholarly content carries and projects values tied to human purpose, the design of creation found in the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions, as well as that which is clearly revealed through science and in the lives and work of people of conscience.

Awards & Achievements emphatically complies to demonstrate about the awards, it’s participants and laureates. Compilation, binding and conceptualising becomes our motive so that a reader could know all about the events, winners and schedules. The diversified data is integrated and has been platter before the readers.
One who is a keen reader and seeks to know precisely about ongoing awards or something which happened in past, will find it a convenient place to get the information.