The Nine Dots Prize

The Nine Dots Prize

The aim of the Prize is to promote, encourage and engage innovative thinking to address problems facing the modern world. The name of the Prize references the nine dots puzzle – a lateral thinking puzzle which can only be solved by thinking outside the box. All entrants with minimum 18 years of age and over are welcome to enter but responses and resulting book must be in English. Entrants are asked to respond to a question in 3,000 words, with the winner receiving US$100,000 to write a short book expanding on their ideas.

This year The Nine Dots Prize question was: Is there still no place like home?

WINNER: Annie Zaidi

She is a Mumbai-based freelance writer, working on fiction, scripts and columns for magazines and newspapers. She won Nine Dots Prize for her entry titled ‘Bread, Cement, Cactus’. It was a combining memoir and reportage which explores concepts of home and the belonging rooted in her experience of contemporary life in India, where migration – within the country, especially from villages to cities – is high.

Last Updated Date: 30-May-2019